Cheshire & Lancashire Bride Cover Look 2016

So I’ve finally gotten around to writing my first blog post! It’s been in the works for months but I’m so excited to be writing my first post about my work featuring on the COVER of Cheshire & Lancashire Bride 2016. 🙂

This magazine is annual and can be bought at most newsagents, I’ve spotted it in the smallest of stores! It’s great for ideas if you are planning your own wedding and I love the real weddings they feature.

I wanted to write about how I achieved the makeup look on the model for the cover as I have been asked by many clients what I used. This image was from a photoshoot that I arranged at Willington Hall. If you haven’t been, check it out. It’s a gorgeous venue in Tarporley, Cheshire.

The makeup look I went for was my signature look. What is my signature look you wonder? Well I absolutely love a flawless skin base with a soft glow and contouring just enough but not too much. I love emphasising what my brides already have instead of going overboard with makeup to the point where they no longer look like them. My style is to ensure everything compliments the bride and she feels like a million dollars on her wedding day.

The look I created for the cover shot was created by using a variety of top end brands. Being a versatile makeup and hair artist, it’s really important to have the best of each type of product in my kit and I find it’s impossible to have just one brand that’s the best for everything so I carry a wide range including Charlotte Tilbury, MAC, Nars and Inglot.

I started by defining the models brows with eyeshadow, this gives a soft definition and is natural which is must more favourable than the drawn on look. I then used the MAC neutrals palette to create an eye makeup using warm tones with a slight shimmer to them. I finished the eye makeup off with a slick of liner and natural hair false lashes. I find false lashes that are made from natural hair blend in so much better than synthetic lashes which can sometimes give off a ‘shiny’ cheap look.

For the skin base, I used Charlotte Tilbury foundation mixed with a little skin shimmer by Inglot. This gives a gorgeous glow to the foundation and I love this particular brand of foundation due to the coverage being buildable yet still looking fairly natural and not heavy. I set the foundation with a MAC mineralize powder and then contoured with another mineralize powder one shade darker than the models skin. I highlighted with an Illamasqua cream, and then finished by dusting a highlighting powder over it intensify the effect. For the lips I used a liner to define the lips and then popped some lipstick on, the colour used was MAC Pure Zen which is one of my favourites. I always finish the makeup with fix spray by MAC. I find it just gives a beautiful effect to the makeup.

The main reason I chose this look was I find brides want to look like a bride. So many have said to me that their friend or someone they know who got married looked “nice” but too natural. Nice is the most boring way to describe how someone looks, I want my brides to be told they look gorgeous, amazing and stunning. I want them to feel that and I want everyone to know who the bride is so I design a look unique to each bride. I don’t go overboard with makeup by any means but I’m not so natural with my style to the point where you may as well have done it yourself.

Hopefully this gives you some ideas on what to use and for brides to be, I will be doing a blog post on what to expect once you book me and at your trial, next! Thanks for reading!



How To Prepare For Your Trial & What To Expect

I get asked a lot about what to expect at the trial before the brides wedding and how I work. Firstly, I always advise my brides to have a trial around 4-8 weeks before the wedding. I get booked as far as 18-24 months in advance so if I were to do a trial at the time of booking it would almost be pointless. This is because your skin, body and hair changes month to month, it’s only natural so I’d like to do the trial as close to the wedding as possible as it gives  a realistic idea of how the bride will look on her wedding day and also the trial is fresh in the brides mind.

A hair and makeup trial can take 2-3 hours. It takes longer than what it would take me on the actual day, this is because it’s the first time I’m meeting the bride and I do an in depth consultation discussing all wedding related details such as the dress, theme, bridesmaids colour scheme and so forth. I also talk the bride through what I’m doing step by step, a lot of my brides like to buy the products I’ve used on them for themselves post wedding. Going through everything step by step gives the bride reassurance that not only do I know what I’m doing, they know what’s going on their face!

In terms of prepping for a trial, I always say to keep it simple. I can work my magic but I am by no means a magician so always asks brides to drink plenty of water, have plenty of veg and fruit, get at least 7 hours of sleep every night.. these are just some of my tips. It makes the world of difference, and helps me emphasise the brides look and create a perfect makeup look!

The bride should arrive at the trial with hair washed the day before (not the night before and going to sleep with wet hair as it’s still damp the next day) and no makeup or product on the skin except their usual moisturiser. I start the trial with a check list of important questions such as any allergies to brands or brand preferences. We then discuss wedding details, which include everything from the dress to theme of wedding. I discuss any ideas the bride may have in the form of pictures or Pinterest board (which is a great tool to wedding plan, and so addictive!) so that I can get a visual idea of what the bride has in mind. I will then create a hair and makeup look based on inspiration from the board, my style and also what would suit the brides features and make the her the best version of her for her big day!

I do the trial exactly as I would on the day, and once finished the bride can add or tweak the look if she wishes, that’s what a trial is for after all. I urge all brides to keep the makeup on all day as it allows them to get used to the look, 8 out of 10 of my clients aren’t used to wearing makeup so it’s essential you see how the look feels as the day goes on and also see that my makeup is designed to last at least 16 hours. I am not one to push for a booking on the day of the trial, I recommend the client to get back to me and let me know if they’d like to book. I am proud to say I currently have a 100% trial to booking rate. This is mainly because I not only listen to what the client wants, but am passionate about what I do and know that your wedding is one of the most important days of your life so will create a look designed to make you look the best version of you.

After the trial, a booking form is sent out to the client, this confirms all details to do with the booking. I think this is extremely important so that not only the artist but also the client have a copy of all services booked and finer details. On the week of the wedding, I also sending through a running order to the bride so that they know exact times of arrival and what time each person booked in is getting their hair and makeup done. This not only prevents stress for the client, but also ensure things run smoothly on the day. I am always on hand prior to the wedding to give advice on products and anything the client may feel they need help with.